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                                                              Fitness Testing Information

 Fitness Testing:  6th graders will be scored as 11 year olds

                          7th graders will be scored as 12 year olds

                          8th graders will be scored as 13 year olds

The chart at the bottom of the page is the National Fitness Standards, which are set at the 50 percentile.  They need to achieve that score or better to pass each item.


Motor Skill Testing:  The students willl be graded using a rubric, which takes each skill and breaks it down into 4 parts.  A score of (1) would usually imply that the student can demonstrate the basic stance.  In order for the student to receive a (4) they would need to perform all of the criteria that is listed for (1), (2), (3), and (4).

 Knowledge:  The knowledge portion represents  the number of questions answered correctly on a given test.

 District Fitness Test: 20, 25,  and 30 minute runs:  The 6th graders are required to jog for 20 minues, 7th graders 25 minutes, and 8th graders 30 minutes.  They must jog at a 10 mile pace for the required time and they are not allowed to stop.