Upcoming Test/Quiz

What did we do in Science?

4-22 Went over climate change analysis

4-18  Climate Change Anaylsis

4-17  Warming Earth graph warmup, Unit Challenge Scenario, Looked/analyzed 4 different climate graphs

4-16  Went over African Climate w/s, Climate change vs Global warming, Warming earth graph

4-15  More with climate, went over homework, got study guide, HOMEWORK:  African Climates

4-12  More with Climate, HOMEWORK:  Factors That Affect Climate W/S

4-11 MSTEP

4-10  MSTEP

4-9  PSAT

4-8  Climate introduction, Climate map and 3 things that influence climate

3-28  Tournament of Supremacy Debate

3-27  Began Tournament of supremacy Debate

3-26  Worked on strom project

3-25  Turned in articles, Worked on Storm project

3-22  Storm Research for Tournament of Supremacy, HOMEWORK:  News Article for country and Research for Storm

3-21  Graded Create a country, worked on article or storm research, HOMEWORK:  Storm research and News Article

3-20  Finish up Create a country, Picked storm groups, HOMEWORK:  News Article, Start researching storm

3-19  Finish up Create a country, HOMEWORK:  News Article

3-18 Create a country parts 4-6

3-15 Create a country parts 2-4

3-14  Create a country Part 1

3-13  Create a country

3-12  Weather notes

3-11  Weather notes, new seats