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Van Hoosen Ski/ Snowboard Club


The VH Ski/Snowboarding club is one of the largest ski/snowboard club in the district (and possibly the largest at Pine Knob). It’s on Friday so you can stay until Pine Knob closes because THERE IS NO SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY (not many schools have this great option)!!!!

We know how busy everyone is, so registering your family can be done at your convenience.  Please fill out all the necessary forms found on VH Ski/Snowboard webpage and drop off the forms in a sealed envelope with your check (no cash please) in the basket labeled “Ski/Snowboard Club” in the main office.

There is no deadline for registering your family for ski club. You can always add new family members to your initial registration as the season progresses.

Please see registration checklist for more details.


Please contact Hanan Spencer: hspencer@rochester.k12.mi.us

The following should be dropped off in a sealed envelope in the main office basket (Van Hoosen Ski/Snowboarding Club) PRIOR TO THE FIRST OUTING:

1) Fill out the Van Hoosen Ski and Snowboarding Registration form, along with a check covering the necessary membership fees. Checks should be made out to RCS.

****Fees include: $30 for each Van Hoosen student and $20 for each member (students and adults)****

****Non-VH family joining the club will also pay an RCS club fee per family****


3) Copy of ID (student ID or Driver’s License) is required if you are renting equipment from PK.

4) Fill out Club Fee Contract (found on VH Ski/Snowboard club webpage). Club fee applies ONLY to middle school students. ****Fee: $30 per VH student****

5) Sign up for reminder 101 to get all text alerts.  Send to: 586-932-5079 Message: @vhski

****Registration forms will be accepted at Pine Knob if you decide to join after the first club outing.  PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF IN THE MAIN OFFICE!

***** NOTE:

  • Membership card(s) will be given to all members on the first outing @ Pine Knob.****
  • Arrangements can be made if members want their membership card(s) prior to the first outing



Other important things to remember:

1) It’s never too late to join the club (well, March might be too late). Bring all your registration information (above) to Pine Knob (anytime after December but before March)

2)  Student club members get discounted lift tickets and rentals all season long M-F (even after the club stops meeting as a group).

3) Discounted tickets are not available to adult members unless the club sponsor is @ Pine Knob.

***Adult club members DO NOT GET discounted lift or rental all season long. They only get $5 off a lift ticket***

4) You don’t need to be a VH student to join the club.  Non VH students attending an RCS school are still required to pay RCS club.

5) If you want your membership prior to the first outing, you can email me (hspencer@rochester.k12.mi.us) and arrangements can be made to pick up all your Pine Knob Membership Card(s).

6) Please read the fine print on the Pine Knob membership card. It has details about membership, patches, terms of use and other useful information.

Ski/Snowboard photos