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Track Practice Cancelled Monday, April 29

Here is the link to the volunteer signup



Practice Begins April 8th

Practice begins Monday, April 8th. We will meet in the main gym at Van Hoosen. Come prepared to run with clothes for the weather. You MUST have a physical to begin practicing and you will not be able to practice until you turn one in (many have already turned one in early or for a different sport).

Dates to Remember

March 27th, 5:30 - Informational Meeting (Both parents and students are welcome)

April 8th - Practice starts, meet in the Main Gym ready to run

April 9th - No Practice (Staff Meeting)

April 19th - No Practice (No School)

April 26th - No Practice (Half Day of School)

May 7th - Picture Day

June 6th - End of Season Party

Here is our Meet Schedule.

May 1 (Wed) Away VH at Troy Larson 4:00

May 6 (Mon) Home West vs Van Hoosen 4:00 At Stoney Creek High School

May 8 (Wed) Home Troy Boulan vs Van Hoosen 4:00

May 13 (Mon) Away Van Hoosen at Troy Smith 4:00

May 15 (Wed) Home Avondale vs Van Hoosen 4:00

May 20 (Mon) Home Hart  vs Van Hoosen 4:00

May 23 (Thurs) Away Van Hoosen at Reuther 3:30

May 28 (Tues) City Meet at Adams HS 3:30

May 30 (Thurs) Oakland County Championships at Clarkston High 1:15

Van Hoosen Track and Field 2019!


Participating in Track and Field can be a very rewarding experience for any athlete who chooses to join the team. It builds self discipline and confidence. Each time an athlete runs a race, gets a better time in practice or, runs a greater distance than the last, it shows them they can do it. It also teaches the athlete that they can run another sprint, a lap or, to push themselves for a better time when they think they can't. Our athletes can become faster and will be in much better shape than they started. We also try to have a little fun here and there as well.

Paperwork Requirements

A physical is required before an athlete can participate in track. This is necessary to ensure the health and safety of our athletes. A physical form can be picked up in the front office or downloaded from the RCS athletics website and must be returned fully signed before the athlete can practice. There is a pay to participate fee that must be paid before the athlete participates or is issued a uniform. The fee schedule is as follows: The first or second sport per year an athlete participates in, a $100.00 fee is charged. If track is the athlete's third sport in the school year, the fee is $55.00 and the fourth sport is no charge. The athletic physical must be dated after April 15th, 2018.

The following are the medical centers that will give physicals on a walk in basis.

Barclay Medical Management, Rochester Hills Health Services,

135 Barclay Cir. #100 2840 Crooks Rd., #100

Rochester Hills, MI Rochester Hills, MI 48309

248-852-2277, Call for appointment 248-852-9290, Walk-Ins


Rochester Medical Center, Rochester Urgent Care,

543 Main, #321 215 E. Auburn Rd.

Rochester, MI 48309 Rochester Hills, MI 48307

248-656-3100, Call for appointment 248-853-2009, Walk-Ins


Your family physician or pediatrician will be able to give physicals as well.

Practice Schedule and Expectations

Practice will begin each day after school until 4:45 PM. All athletes are expected to be changed and in their attendance lines by 2:35. We will give announcements, stretch and head outside for practice. We are very limited in our time and every minute we can use is very valuable to us. With the amount of athletes that participate in track and field, we need as much coaching time as we can. There may be times when the hurdlers and the athletes participating in field events may be asked to stay later. If that is the case, we will notify you ahead of time so arrangements can be made.

Practice is mandatory. When a conflicting event occurs, it will be the athlete's responsibility to notify Coach Norris that he/she will not be at that scheduled practice so that unexcused absences are not marked. A note or e-mail is requested for any absences. School sponsored field events do not need notes, but they still need to be brought to the attention of the coaches.

The athletes are expected to come to practice ready to workout with a positive attitude. Once track practice starts, the athletes are expected to participate in all their activities that their group is doing. With up to 200 athletes, it makes practice more valuable for the athletes and makes practice run more smoothly. A positive attitude is a must as well. If one athlete comes in with a negative attitude, it can rub off on the others.

There may be days where we have to cancel practice because of inclement weather. Please have a plan in place in case that happens. We will try to cancel any practice before school is out (generally by 2:10) so the athlete has time to contact anyone they need to before they leave school.

Track Meets and Running for Points

On meet days, all athletes are encouraged to stay for the entire meet and support their teammates. We are a team first and when we do well in meets, it is a reflection on everyone. You will have pushed your teammates in practice to make them better and achieve better marks. Cheer them on in their different events. Believe it or not, it makes a difference. At away meets, athletes are required to ride the bus to and from the meets unless a viable reason prevents the athlete from doing so. With so many athletes, it is easier to keep track of them when they all ride the bus to and from the meets. If the athlete is going home with a parent, a note must be given to or a personal meeting with a coach and the parent is required. This is to ensure the safety of all athletes and coaches' knowledge of the athlete's whereabouts at all times.

Every athlete will get to participate in all the scheduled meets except the Oakland County meet, which is based on performances set by the meet organizers.

Running for points (top three in each event) and relays will be a combination of attendance at practice, work ethic, attitude, performance and coach's discretion.

With the many activities that students are involved in, there may be occasions when an athlete will be unable to come to, or stay for an entire meet. Although it is expected of athletes to be at and stay for all meets, we understand that this may not always be possible. We ask that all athletes who will not be able to participate in some or all of their events submit a note in writing at least one day before their scheduled meet. We ask this so we can put together the line up that will give us the best possible chance to win our meet and eliminate scrambling to find replacement athletes once the meet has started. A written note to a coach or an email to Coach Norris will suffice.

Workout Gear, Shoes and, Spikes

All athletes are encouraged to have the proper shoes for training and meets. Basketball shoes and other athletic shoes that are not made for running may cause serious injury to the athlete. A good running shoe is one that has a lip going over the toe.

For meets, all athletes are encouraged to have spikes to wear. This is not a requirement, but will only help each athlete perform to his or her best ability. For all track shoes, Runnin' Gear in Rochester Hills offers 10% off for all Rochester Community Schools track athletes. Hanson's Running Shop in Utica will also give a 10% discount for us as well. When buying spikes, they should be less than 1/8 inch in length as some tracks will not allow ones that are longer.

Athletes should were practice gear that is correct for the weather. We start practice in April and we can have some pretty cold conditions. The athlete should have clothes for any weather conditions.

Parent Volunteers

One of the best ways a parent can get involved with their son or daughter is to volunteer with their child's program. We are always looking for parents to volunteer to be timers, run our shot put, long jump and high jump pits. We also need help with our spirit wear orders. Coach Norris will help with whatever you need to make it a smooth operation. We have sign up sheets at the parent meeting and you can always get a hold of Coach Norris at Van Hoosen if you would like to volunteer.

End of the Year Party

Our end of the year party will be the week after the City and County Meets, at a place to be determined. All team members are encouraged to attend. The cost will be between $5.00 and $15.00 to help with the cost of food, beverages, ect. If we can get a parent volunteer to help with planning this event, it will make things much smoother.

Important Note

One of the great things about middle school sports is that ALL of the athletes can learn and grow as young adults in a competitive atmosphere. These athletes learn self confidence, self discipline, and the team concept while still competing against oneself. Each athlete is encouraged to get better every meet, to get a better time, height, or distance. Each athlete can be in any three individual events at a given meet.

Track and Field is a rare sport, in which it combines individual accomplishment in a team setting, meaning everyone needs to work together to make the team stronger, and by doing this, each individual will get better as well.

Roger Bannister – The first athlete to break the 4 minute mark in the mile

Thank You,

Coach Cottone

Coach Dawood

Coach Papak

Coach Norris