Mrs. Kautz


1st:   Pre-Alg 8 4th:   prep hour

2nd:   PA 8 5th:   PA 8

3rd:    PA 8 6th:   PA 8

Some of the worksheets for lessons can be found in files and folders for each chapter.  However, when you are absent all of your work will be found in the back of the room waiting for you !!!!!  With directions from me!  No worries when you are absent!  I always give good time to make-up your work :)

How to get to the BIGIDEAS book online:  go to        When you login you have to click on login with CLEVER!!  Do not try to punch in your RCS id.  Login with CLEVER and follow the prompts.  We are Bridge to Success Middle School - Course 3!!!


Monday:  10/9

HOMEWORK:  four PEMDAS problems - tough ones


Tuesday: Today we checked HW#11 the four big PEMDAS problems.  Started Chp. 2 notes (Geometry Unit)  PINK BOOKLETS!!

HOMEWORK:  #12 bookwork p. 46; 1-14 all


Wednesday:  10/10  Check HW#12   did notes for lesson 2.2

HOMEWORK:  HW#13 p. 52; 1-22 all.