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The purpose of study skills is two-fold. The first purpose is to ensure academic success through the teaching of study strategies (notetaking, taking tests, studying for tests, reading comprehension strategies, etc)... The second purpose of study skills is to provide support for students with their academic classes. This includes studying for tests, homework help, and extra time to master concepts taught in academic classes.

1. Binder with all subject folders
2. Study skills book
3. Planner with documented assignments (current and upcoming)
4. All books for classes
5. Planner signature

Lessons for study skills are centered around teaching study strategies and techniques for students to use in their everyday classes.
Lessons are 2-4x per week depending on the week, and approximately 15-20 minutes.

Students earn grades on a point system. They must have a complete planner, planner signature, participate in lessons, be prepared for the day with materials, fill out their work plans, be respectful, and ready to learn!