Distar Math Program

Distar Arithmetic –

        The Distar Arithmetic I program is based on the concepts that all children can learn if carefully taught. The program therefore attempts to provide the kind of careful instruction that is needed to teach basic skills. Another assumption of the program is that this instruction will be successful only if the teacher does what is required to ensure that the child has mastered each skill.

          The objectives of the Distar Arithmetic I:

       The sequence of skills in the Distar Arithmetic I is controlled so that the students are able to perform the skills confidently at each step before going on to more complicated tasks. The program provides teacher-directed activities and worksheet exercises for both written work and independent work.  In the program the children master the following skills:

1.)    handle the basic  operations of addition, algebra addition, and subtraction

2.)  work simple story problems that involve addition algebra, and subtraction

3.)  work on simple problems based on < and >

4.)  drive new arithmetic facts based on an understanding of approximately thirty-five facts

5.)  apply ordinal counting to simple picture problems