Have you applied for a U Hills PTA staff grant?

The 2012-2013 U Hills PTA budget includes $3,500 for staff grant requests!

Grant Request Guidelines

University Hills staff members are invited to submit grant requests to cover expenses that are not allocated within the PTA's current annual budget. Ideally, these expenses would cover items that will benefit the students and/or the classroom beyond the current school year. The Grant Request Form* must be filled out completely in order for a grant to receive consideration.

Grants will be presented for discussion and approval at the general meetings held in November, January, March and May. Completed Grant Request Forms must be submitted to the PTA Treasurer no less than 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting. The Treasurer's mailbox can be found in the PTA Suite and there is a PTA mailbox in the Main Office.

The originator of each grant will be notified at which PTA meeting their request will be presented and is encouraged to attend that meeting. Grant requests will be placed at the beginning of the agenda. In most cases, a grant will be voted upon at the same meeting during which it is presented and discussed. There is the potential, however, for a vote to be tabled if questions or issues arise which require additional time.

Questions? Concerns? Please feel free to contact any member of the PTA Executive Board if you have any questions or concerns regarding the grant request process. It is a high priority for the U Hills PTA to work in conjunction with staff members to make our school a great place to learn.

* Additional copies of the form are available in the PTA Suite (across from room K-A). If the form is submitted with incomplete information, it will be returned to the originator showing where additional information is required before the grant is considered for action. Note: According to the policy of the RCS District PTA Council, PTAs cannot purchase items that would ordinarily be purchased by the District.