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stock photo : Key to success

The dictionary is the only place success comes before work!

Tips on Being a Successful Student

  1. Always bring your work materials to class.
  2. Come to class with a positive attitude toward learning.
  3. As soon as the bell rings, be quiet and ready to listen to instructions.
  4. Have the best attendance you can.
  5. From time to time remind yourself why you are in school.
  6. Set your goals high. Don't accept poor quality work from yourself.
  7. Have a quiet place where you can study.
  8. Schedule your study time.
  9. Study intensly for half an hour and take a short break. Then study hard for another half hour, etc., until finished. One hour units may be better for you.
  10. Vary the subjects you are studying. Try attempting your most difficult subject first, while you are fresh. If questions crop up while studying, write them down and don't forget to ask your teacher or another good student.
  11. Take the time to get extra help when needed.
  12. Eat well balanced meals. Don't skip meals.
  13. Get enough rest.
  14. Schedule some time for relaxation and fun too.

Student Success Skills Self-Evaluation