Get Excited About Science!

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence."

- Abigail Adams

My schedule for 1st semester is:

1st hour: 7:35-8:32 Chemistry

2nd hour: 8:38-9:37 Chemistry

3rd hour: 9:43-10:42  Chemistry

4th hour: 10:48- 12:20 Chemistry (B Lunch)

5th hour: 12:26-1:25  Conference

6th hour: 1:31-2:30  Biology


The quickest and easiest way to contact me is through email.  You can email me by clicking below on the email link.  It is always better to seek help early and often if you are struggling or lack confidence in the subject matter, and I expect ALL students to work their hardest and participate during the class time so they gain a better understanding of the topics covered.  I am available before school and after school by appointment for help.  Do not wait!  Come seek help as soon as you feel you need it!



Stoney Creek is a special building where our priority is to create a safe comfortable learning environment for all students.  It is because of the great staff here, great students, and parent support of education that our school is as successful as it is!  Please continue to use this website along with Parentvue and our Schoology site to keep up with the ongoings of class and your (or your student's) progress in class!