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Applying to an Art College is a little different than a traditional college. In addition to transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, letters of recommendations, a student needs to demonstrate artistic ability through a submission of a portfolio. Most institutions will require the portfolio be uploaded onto their internal system so it is important to look at each college’s admission process. Some schools will also require the submission of a sketchbook, which can be returned to the student if they enclose a postage paid envelope. Student should be showing original work, not copying other works already created. Colleges want to see what is going on in the students head, how they process and develop ideas. They are NOT interested in seeing how well the student can copy work.

A student should be making a digital copy of work. It can be loaded up to FLICKR, Box.com, drobox, slide share, or a personal website. This will be a good way to easily show admission person the student’s ability. Many schools want to see sketch lines and process not just the finished work. In addition, they are generally not interested in basic class work (color studies etc.). If your student wishes to place out of basic classes in college, it will then be important to demonstrate these skills but can be done at a later time.

Our experience is that students should apply as EARLY as possible! Even if their portfolio is not completed. The student can upload the portfolio at a later date. However, because we begin portfolio development earlier than many high schools, we have found that students who do upload their portfolios earlier with the application process are more likely to get scholarship money. Since Art College tends to be expensive, it will be important for most families to get as much scholarships as possible. Art College scholarships are generally based on skill not need, although every college is different so there may be financial support for students meeting guidelines. Many Art Colleges participate in NATIONAL PORTFOLIO DAY which is an opportunity for your student to meet with admission personal from colleges all over the country.

In addition, we will have several colleges come to our school to meet with students. We also encourage students and their families to visit colleges during high school. While all art colleges will cover the basics of fine art, each school tends to have some specialties they are known for. This can be reflective of the area and industry in the region. Below is a partial list of colleges that many of Stoney Creek students have shown interest in. The specialties listed are not comprehensive and families should perform their own due diligence and research.


College of Creative Studies (CCS) Detroit- Best known for Automovtive, Illustration, Product Design

SCAD (Savanah College of Art and Design) Savanah Georgia, France, Hong Kong- Animation, Entertainment Art, and Textiles and Fashion

FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) New York City

Copper Union New York City- FREE! Architecture

Lawrence Tech- Architecture and Fashion

Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus Ohio) Fashion, Accessories, and product design

Minneapolis College of Art and Design- Graphic Design and Digital Arts

Maryland Institute of Art - Graphic Design and Illustration

Ringling College of Art and Design- Animation, Entertainment Arts, Film, and The Business of Art

California College of Art (CalArt)- Animation, Entertainment Arts, Theater

Kendall College of Art and Design (Grand Rapids)- Furniture Design and Art Education

Kansas City Art Institute  - Sculpture and Ceramics

Parsons School of Design- Fashion and Business of Art

Pratt Institute of Art- Industrial and Product Design

ArtCenter College of Art and Design- (Pasadena CA)- Entertainment and Digital Arts,Graphics, and Automotive

School of the Art Institute of Chicago- Fine Arts


Many parents are concerned that a degree in the arts is a waste of money and their child should just get a "Normal" degree so their child can get a job and just do their "Art" for fun, on the side. This is a legitimate concern. College is expensive and we all know people whose students have huge amount of student debt and can't hold down a job. We encourage students and parents to examine the costs and benefits of college carefully. However, our economy is changing and the jobs of the future will require people who are innovative and can think "outside the box". Everything we see and do now is impacted by art and design. From our food, clothes, to the cars we drive. Someone had to create it, design it, sketch it, make an ad, promote it on television, and put it in a package. All of these steps required a creative person.

As you examine colleges, make sure to inquire about job placement, internships, and faculty experience. We have found that if the school matches your student’s goals and dreams, they are more likely to successful with their career prospects. As with any college degree, a student needs to understand how much hard work is required. Art School is intense and hard work. Some students are surprised to learn how hard it really is and parents need to understand that in college, art students are expected to work incredibly hard and produce significant work. It is not an EASY degree!

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