College Application Process

Please use the yellow folder titled College Planning & College Admissions on the main counseling website. There you will find how to request a transcript through Parchment, information on the Common Application and many application links to Michigan Universities.

Steps to Apply to College (non Common App) 90% of Michigan universities

1. Locate the online application of the unversity of your choice. Note any deadlines. Complete the application and submit it.

2. Send your ACT/SAT scores directly to the university from the testing agency

3. Sign up with and have your transcript sent to the university directly


Steps to Apply to College ( Common App Schools)

1. Give teachers and Mrs. Veeser the letter of recommendation request form before school is out for the summer-- you can email the fillable pdf from the smore --

2. Sign up with Common Application ( ) Complete the application and (any supplemental requirements if needed). Submit the application. (August 1st or later)

3. Send ACT /SAT scores directly to the Common App school (ex: University of Michigan) through the testing agency.

4. Sign up with and send your transcript directly to Common Application (this is the academic institution).

Remember... Students applying through the Common Application should have their letter of recommendation request forms into teachers and Mrs. Veeser by the time school gets out for the summer. Common Application for the fall opens up AUGUST 1st (unless you perform a rollover)!


Change in Senior Schedules!

If you make a change in your schedule once your transcript has been submitted to a college, it is advised to contact each college admissions office to

alert them of your change.


NCAA Eligibility

If you plan to participate in Division 1 or 2 sports in college you need to register with NCAA  ( ), send our ACT or SAT scores

directly from the testing agency (code 9999), sign up with to have your official transcript sent to NCAA, and make sure your courses

meet academic eligibility requirements.


Letter of Recommendation Delivery Options

If you are applying through the Common Application, your letters of recommendation will be send electronically through the Common Application teacher/counselor portal, which is why you need to assign them under "FERPA and Recommenders" with a correct email address.  Letters are not provided to students directly.  If your college REQUIRES a letters of recommendation ( and it is not a Common Application schools) then you can provide the teacher/counselor recommender with a stamped envelope that is addressed to the university admissions office for them to mail directly (if there is no electronic upload option).




Basic Information for Mrs. Veeser for the College Application Process:

Linda Veeser --  Counselor

Phone: 248-726-5729


2019 Class Size: 411

Weighting:  Yes, we weight AP classes, but still use a 4.0 scale

Rank:  No Rank

GPA and UIC number:  Found on transcript (request an unofficial from

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