Art Club Activities

Art club meets in Room E141 on Mondays from 2:35 until 4:00.

We work on banners for teachers, sports and events.

We have visiting artists who come in and share their talents.

We also have started a scrapbok club that meets at the same time.

Stoney's Art Club Reclaiming clay for McGregor elementary

McGregor Elementary's art teach Ruth Warnock asked Stoney Creek's art club, led  by Kim McMurray to reclaim clay that was left behind by the last year's teacher.  Recycling is what we like to do so of course we said yes!  It is very messy , but fun, and will save McGregor hundreds of dollars in clay purchases.  Way to go girls!

More recycling clay

more of recycling

Artists of France and Spain spring Break trip

Spring Break Trip 2009 to Ireland, England and Wales

  • Artists of France and Spain