The purpose of the Academic Center at Stoney Creek High School is to assist students with academics and organization.  Eligible students may drop-in to the center, located in room A228, for a variety of purposes. A student wanting to drop-in to the AC during class time should talk directly with the classroom teacher about that option. 

The Academic Center is also open at 7:05am each morning and at least one adult is available to help students during this time.  We also stay open during all three lunch periods and can provide individualized support during this time. 


To get more information on the specifics of the program, please contact Anne Edwards at 248-726-5846 or your child's counselor.


Learning Center Staff Members:

  • Anne Edwards, Learning Consultant
  • Nancy May, Sepcial Education Teacher
  • Jeff Castonia, Special Education Teacher
  • Tiffany Gauthier, Special Education Teacher
  • Jackie Hubar, Academic Center Paraeducator
  • Rawaa Kareem, Academic Center Paraeducator
  • David Zemens, Academic Center Paraeducator
  • Lauren Bennett, Academic Center Paraeducator
  • Rich Holben, Academic Center Paraeducator

For specific class information, it is ideal to contact your child's teacher directly.  The classroom teacher will provide the most up-to-date information.




Many students and parents request test preparation support during the year.  In the folder below labeled Study Skills, are test preparation and study techniques.

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