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New Medical Action Plans (MAPs) are required every school year for medical treatment at school. MAP forms for the 2018-2019 school year are now posted below. All MAPs for next year should have 2018-2019 printed on the top. In compliance with Section 504 law, all MAP forms include notice of procedural safeguards.

Please note the following:

• If epinephrine is ordered for emergency use at school, the school must have an emergency plan (either our MAP for Severe Allergy or a written emergency plan from the ordering physician)

• If your child’s food allergy is not potentially life threatening and only an antihistamine is desired (such as Benadryl®) then Form A for prescribed medication must be used so school staff have a doctor’s order and directions.

• Inhalers can be ordered for office use or self carry on FORM A for prescribed medication without doing an Asthma MAP (if a MAP is completed for asthma care planning, Form A is not required).

• For diabetes, please use the health care plan and orders your child’s physician prefers.The Rochester MAP for this purpose was designed as a quick reference for treating high and low blood sugars and follows the other MAP formats for speed of use. Routine care may require a more involved plan for each individual.

• If medication is to be given at school routinely but is not part of a MAP order, such as Ritalin® for ADHD or Motrin® for arthritis then Form A for prescribed medication is required (even if the medication is over-the-counter).

• Over-the-counter medications ordered by the parent alone are intended for occasional use only and should follow the guidelines on the reverse side of that form (Form C).

All forms are posted below. Click on the desired condition or subject and you will find the correct form and other resource information. Please return the MAP in a sealed envelope, clearly labeled MAP, to the office of the school location of which your student is currently attending until June 14, 2019. Forms can then be returned after August 13, 2018 to the school they will be attending for the 2018-19 school year.