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The CRC has several resources for students including;

College Applications and Catalogs, A binder of current Job Openings, Summer Opportunities and Scholarships, Military information, videos for Colleges and careers, and computer software for college and career research and exploration.

One of the software programs that we offer is MOIS, the Michigan Occupational Information System.  Here students can complete self-assessments and choose a Career Pathway.  They can also research careers and colleges and complete an EDP, or Educational Development Plan.  These plans are indiviualized for each student.  The student first completes self-awareness assessments, chooses a career pathway, researches careers in that pathway, selects high school courses and develops a plan to reach their career goal.

Career Pathways are six broad groupings of careers that share similar characteristics, areas of interest and skills.  They include;

Arts and Communication    

Business, Management, Marketing and Technology

Engineering/Manufacturing and Instustrial Technology

Health Sciences

Human Services and Public Administration

Natural Resources and Agriscience