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RCS's 1st Annual Tri-High Science Fair

SCHS Clubs

Please use this LINK to pay for all Stoney Creek clubs. This will automatically enter your student into our club database and will provide you with proof of purchase. Thank you!  This is the only payment form that will be accepted.  Checks will NOT be accepted!  This is a new system that our district switched over to this year. Please create your own profile when registering for the first time.

You will select "School Fees" from the menu on the left side of the page, followed by selecting "Stoney Creek".  You should now see a list of clubs and you will make your selection(s) for the club(s) your student is a member of.

Most of the clubs have a $30 membership fee. If you do not see your club on the payment site, that means you do not have to pay the $30 fee.

We will be updating this page soon with a calendar of all the clubs meeting dates and locations, as soon as their schedules have been established!