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A Pre-K Blended class is a unique opportunity for preschoolers to begin their education in an environment that reflects classrooms throughout their K - 12 school experience.  Pre-K has partnered with RCS Special Education to create high-quality early childhood experiences that include both Pre-K students (three and four year olds) and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) students.  Ten Pre-K students and six ECSE students join together in a three hour class, four days per week (Monday through Thursday).  Blended classes use the same curriculum as all other Pre-K classes - the HighScope Preschool Curriculum.  Since 2013 Teaching Teams in Blended classrooms have worked together to make this important program meaningful and fun.  A Pre-K Teacher and an ECSE Teacher work together to develop lesson plans and connect and communicate with families.  They have the support of an ECSE Paraprofessional along with a team of  RCS ancillary specialists,  including a Speech Pathologist, a Social Worker, and if needed, access to a School Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist.  Families whose children have been a part of a Blended class in previous years have been impressed with the program and grateful for the opportunity to have their child

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