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(248) 726-6986


2018-2019 Class Schedule

Hour Course Taught
1st Algebra 1
2nd Math Lab
3rd Algebra 1
4th Conference
5th Stoney Creek
6th Stoney Creek

Please log on to Moodle for access to our online textbook, new and completed copies of class notes and daily homework assignments. 

Moodle First Time Login

Step 1: Type in “”
Step 2: Scroll down to Rochester High School Logo 
Step 3: Click Math Dept. 
Step 4: Click the class currently being taken “Mrs. Shooks’ Class” 
Step 5: Type in School username and password 
Step 6: Search for Administration tab 
Step 7: Click Enroll me in this course 
Step 8: Type in the Enrollment key given by your teacher (Shooks)

Congratulations! You have enrolled in your class! It is recommended that this site is bookmarked at home