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notetaking toolsNotetaking Tools: Online Notetakers
Use an online notetaker to access your notes and share them with others.

  • Evernote   Take notes, save images, create to-dos, view PDFs, and more; access via computer or phone; ability to search through everything you save.
  • Notepub   Make your notes public or private. Can also share them and send them to your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Notezz   Saves documents in a notecard format - helpful for preparing research or oral reports.
  • Simplenote   Type in notes on the bottom portion in the notecard; see all your notecard titles at the top.
  • Springpad  Make several notebooks of notes and add photos and web clippings.
  • WebNotes   Saves notes, favorites, and documents and allows you to highlight and add notes to web pages.
  • Zoho Notebook   Can add text, images, videos, links, other files, and more. Files are shareable.

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