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      notetaking tools   Notetaking Tools: Highlighters and Sticky Notes 

In addition to using a bookmarking site, these tools let you take notes and mark up text right on the web page!

  • A.nnotate  Can upload documents or grab "snapshots" of web pages and save them to add both highlighting and sticky notes to. Also shareable so others can add their own notes to your pages. Make separate folders for each different projects you're working on.
  • Awesome Highlighter   Lets you highlight notes on a web page and add sticky notes, then save a copy for yourself.
  • CrocoDoc   Upload any kind of file or document and CrocoDoc lets you add comments, highlighting, comment bubbles, and text boxes, then you can share those notes with others or embed them onto a web page.
  • Diigo   A multi-function site that not only saves web pages as your favorites, but allows you to highlight, add sticky notes, draw with shapes, arrows, and capture parts of web pages.
  • Markkit.net  Highlighter - bookmarklet install needed; only works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  • MyStickies   Lets you add sticky notes to a web page, then saves a copy of that web page under your account.
  • Roohit.com   Enter in any web address and highlight on it, saves your highlights on a copy of the page for you.
  • WebNotes  Make notes on web pages, then organize, search within them, and share them via email.

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