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      group work toolsGroup Work Tools: Other Helpful Sites

Take a look at these additional tools that can be useful for working with others on a group project.

  • Doodle   Poll people by emailing them a link for their available times they can meet.
  • Knowcase   Create separate lists online and invite collaborators; useful for group outlining and to-do lists
  • Need to Meet   A multi-person meeting scheduler.
  • NoteMesh   Shared notetaking.
  • Stixy   Add images, documents, and sticky notes. Invite others to join in.
  • VoiceThread for Education   Hold group conversations around a topic of an image, document, or a video that you upload.
  • Wallwisher   Online notice board for discussing, taking notes, giving feedback, etc.

Also see Online Text Editors in the Writing Tools category for other multi-person online tools.

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