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         presentation Presentation Tools: Unique Presentation Makers 

For your next presentation, get your work to really stand apart from the typical PowerPoint show and check to see if one of these tools would work.

  • Bo.lt   Capture pieces from different web pages to save only the parts you want and re-mix to create your own. Add text to it and share it.
  • Community Walk    Create a path on a Google map and add audio and video to it.
  • Fodey    Type in your own text and choose from the animated pictures to make your own newspaper, clapboard, talking squirrel, and more. (Choices listed in red text at the top.)
  • MapVivo    Create a travel map online with photos and text linked on the map image.
  • Mapwing    Build a virtual tour from your digital photos and add interactive maps and comments.
  • Museum Box    Describe historical events, people or periods by displaying items (text, photos, movies) in a virtual display box.
  • OdoSketch   A unique online sketchboard where you draw with colored pencils.
  • Storybird   Create your own story in book-like format.
  • Scratch   Free software download to create games, music, and art.
  • Tildee   Create tutorials using screen shots, text, and highlighters.
  • Visual.ly   Create "infographics:" statistical information with lots of graphics poster-like style.

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