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Studying Tools: Quiz & Flashcard Makersstudying

Use these tools to create your own questions and prepare for upcoming tests. Share and exchange flashcards and quizzes with others.

Quiz & Flashcard Makers:

  • Ediscio  Allows photos, audio, and video to be added and can print flashcards out.
  • FlashcardExchange  Can share online or print your flashcards.
  • FunnelBrain
  • ProProfs Flashcards  Add images and color to your cards. Can also search for and use cards created by others.
  • Quizlet   Allows you to embed your flash cards in a web page or use flash cards from your cell phone.
  • Study Boost   Recieve study questions over SMS text messaging or an IM account. Enter in your own questions or copy and paste from Excel. Cam share with others and invite them to add more questions to yours. Can also set up "pop quizzes" to text you during the day!  (For more info, see the videos below.)

Learn more about StudyBoost:

Study Using Interactive Text Messaging and Instant Messaging from StudyBoost on Vimeo.

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