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    presentation  Presentation Tools: Animation Creators

When your topic is a little less serious, giving a presentation using animation can liven it up!

Cartoon-Like Creators:

  • Bitstrips  Create a cartoon strip from pre-made cartoon drawings.
  • Creaza Cartoonist  Choose from 8 different backgrounds to make an animated movie.
  • Flipbook   Draw many times with small changes to "flip" really fast and see the "animation" you created;  view this short video tutorial to see what it does and how to do it.
  • GoAnimate  Create an animated video.
  • Pixton   Create cartoon strips from pre-made cartoon drawings.
  • Storybird    Write your own story with turnable pages and add drawings from pre-designed images.
  • Toon Doo   Create a cartoon strip in book format.

Avatar Creating:

Photo Animation:

  • Blabberize   Lets you add voice and mouth movement to any photo you upload. 

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