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         multimedia toolsMultimedia Tools: Editing 

Find free editing tools online for editing photos, audio, and video.

Photo Editors:  Simply upload your photos to theses sites and use the online tools they provide.

Photo ResizersThese tools resize photo files not in dimension, but in file size - helpful for emailing or uploading.

Photo Editing Software DownloadsThese are free, but require you to download their software on your computer.

Fun and Unique Photo Tools:

  • Befuddler   Upload a photo (or choose from Flickr) and it makes a sliding tile puzzle out of it.
  • BigHugeLabs   Create fun things with photos: mosaics, jigsaw puzzles, collages, magazine covers, inspirational posters, and more.
  • Image Mosaic Generator    Upload a photo and the site creates a mosaic with it from thousands of images.
  • Juxio   Make posters by combining lots your own photos together; offers templates, can add text, images, events, captions, etc. and can print, save, and share.
  • PsykoPaint   Upload a photo and choose an art style to make it look like a painting or work of art.
  • Photo Bucket    Create a slide show of your photos and embed it into your web page.
  • PhotoSnack   Create a slide show of your photos and embed it into your web page.
  • PictoSaic   Make a mosaic from your uploaded photos.
  • Picture2Life   Editor plus create animations and collages.
  • Schwup  Photo sharing via email.
  • Vuvox   Create unique storyboards, web albums, and collages.

Poster Tools:  Create posters and wall-size images from many sheets of regular-sized copy paper.

Audio Editing:

Creatie Your OWN Music:

  • Beatlab   Create your own music by selecting sounds to play, how often, and how quickly: 14 different sounds to choose from.
  • Incredibox   Drag and drop sounds from the menu on to a "person." Kind of like creating your own band!
  • iNudge   Create short music patterns and use a link to them or embed them in your web page.
  • JamStudio  Create your own music online.
  • Kisstunes  online piano keyboard to record your own playing
  • Microsoft Songsmith   Choose a musical style, sing into a PC microphone, and it creates the music for you. Software download required.
  • Monkey Machine   An online drum machine for creating drum loops.
  • Soundation   Provides 5 tracks to mix music and sound effects. Use the gallery of 400 free sounds, upload your own, or record new tracks with the keyboard.
  • ujam   Record yourself singing or playing an instrument and ujam selects music that matches harmonies with your recording. Can edit musical style, voice style, tempo, and more. (Lots of YouTube tutorials available.)
  • Wolfram Tones   Choose from 15 music genres to edit from, including editing the rhythm, instruments, pitch, empo, and duration. Can download creations or send them to your cell phone.

Video Editing:

  • Creaza Education Movie Editor 
  • JellyCam   Creates stop-motion animation from the photos you take with your webcam. Watch the demo video on the home page.
  • Magisto   This online editor automatically screens your video for important action shots and highlights, doing the editing for you!
  • OneTrueMedia  Upload your videos and combine, edit, add text, transitions, and music to them.
  • Stroome  Upload your own footage or use existing clips. Give others access to your files to work together on the same video project.

Atomic Learning's Windows Movie Maker 2 Training  Online tutorials for Movie Maker.

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