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notetaking toolsNotetaking Tools: Graphic Organizers

Also known as mind maps or semantic maps, use these tools to organize your thoughts and your notes when writing a paper or planning your research. Each contains drawing tools that allow you to lay out your notes visually in a spider-web like form to show connections from one topic to another.

  • Bubbl.Us
  • Cacoo   A diagram maker.
  • Creaza Education's Mindomo
  • Debategraph   Visual organizers on debatable and current issue topics.
  • Exploratree   1,000's of graphic organizers in the library of "thinking guides" you can fill in and customize online.
  • Gliffy   Create maps using templates for Venn diagrams, organizational charts, flow charts, floor plans and more.
  • Mind42   Create branch-like organizers and add photos and links. Can also share and edit between two people.
  • Popplet   Can allow others to add to the maps you create.
  • Text2Mindmap   You enter the text in an outline format and the site creates the map for you.
  • Thinklinkr  Outline maker and sharer.
  • WiseMapping

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