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     multimedia tools Multimedia Files: Searching for Copyright-Friendly Photos, Audios, & Videos

The sites below offer photos, music, and sound effects that allow others to use them in their own creations. These multimedia files have either a) a Creative Commons license, b) are in the public domain, or c) are royalty-free. Using these in your multimedia presentations is a safe way to be sure you're not using someone else's copyrighted files in something you created. (Read more about Creative Commons and copyright here.)

Search Sites for Copyright-Friendly Files:

RHS Subscription Databases with Photos and Multimedia:

  • eLibrary  Check the boxes of the formats you'd like - choices for pictures and audio/video. After entering in a search word, click on its "Gallery."
  • Discovery Education Streaming  Has hundreds of thousands of educational videos and images in all subjects.
  • SIRS Discoverer  Click on Pictures in the right-side menu, then enter your search terms.
  • CultureGrams  Use for finding photos, downloadable slideshows, and streaming videos on countries around the world.

 Photo Collection Sites:

Clip Art Sites:

Music Collection Sites:

Sound Effects:


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