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The Digital Backpack consists of free online tools and resources that can help you get your work done.
Equip yourself with your own Digital Backpack: choose 1-2 tools from each category and use them on a regular basis to search for information, keep yourself organized, create awesome class presentations, and more!

magnifying glass 3Research Tools:

  1. RHS's Information Databases
  2. Public Library's Databases from
    Rochester Hills Public Library
  3. Books Online (text and audio)
  4. Reference Sources
  5. RSS Feeds & Alerts
  6. Research Step-by-Step
  7. Topic Helpers
  8. A Note About Wikipedia
  9. Search Engines:
    - Unique Search Engines
    - Web Directories
    - Google Tips for Good Searches

Notetaking Tools:green notebook

  1. Bookmarking Tools
  2. Graphic Organizers
  3. Online Notetakers
  4. Web Page Highlighters and Sticky Notes
  5. Web Page Clipping Tools

green notebook 4Writing Tools: 

  1. Outlining Tools
  2. Text Editors
  3. Citation Makers
  4. Turnitin.com and Avoiding Plagiarism
  5. Other Helpful Sites        

Organization Toolsfile cabinet

  1. Calendar Tools
  2. Dashboard Tools
  3. Reminder Tools

Studying Tools:  desklamp

  1. BrainPOP  (login required)
  2. Flashcard & Quiz Makers
  3. Practice Tests (ACT, AP, and more)
  4. RHS Textbooks Online
  5. RHS Literature Novels Online
  6. Web Links by Subject

colorful peopleGroup Work Tools:

  1. Meeting Tools
  2. Online Whiteboards
  3. Survey Tools
  4. Other Helpful Sites

DIGITAL FILE Digital Filing Tools:

  1. File Sharing Tools
  2. File Storage Tools
  3. URL Shortening Tools

Multimedia Toolsmutlimedia 3

  1. Photos, Audios, & Video Sites
  2. Using Copyrighted Work
  3. Editing Tools: Photo, Audio,
    and Video Editing

projector 2 Presentation Tools:

  1. Animation Tools
  2. Photo Slideshows
  3. Slide Show and Timeline Tools
  4. Unique Presentation Formats

Questions, recommendations, or problems with any of the links? Email Ms. Harris in the Media Center at jharris@rochester.k12.mi.us.