Mission Statement of Rochester High School

Rochester High School focuses on the total development of the child,

creating a challenging learning environment that encourages students to be

motivated, respectful, and driven to help achieve their full potential.


Mission Statement of the Rochester Community Schools

To provide a quality education in a caring atmosphere for students

to attain the necessary skills and knowledge to become lifelong learners

and contribute to a diverse, interdependent and changing world.

School Phone Numbers:

Attendance:                                                  (248) 726-5410

Main office:                                                   (248) 726-5400

Counseling office:                                         (248) 726-5407

Fax:                                                              (248) 726-5405

School Hours:

Full-Day Schedule:
Start: 7:30 a.m.
Dismissal: 2:30 p.m.

Half-Day Exams
Start: 7:30 a.m.
Dismissal: 10:45 a.m.                                              




Class Schedule:

1st hour: 7:30-8:32
2nd hour: 8:38-9:37
3rd hour: 9:43-10:42
4th hour:
1st lunch: 10:42-11:13
Class A: 11:19-12:20

Class B: 10:48-11:16
2nd lunch: 11:16-11:47
Class B: 11:49-12:20

Class C: 10:48-11:49
3rd lunch: 11:49-12:20
5th hour: 12:26-1:25
6th hour: 1:31-2:30

About Us:
Click on this link to learn about Rochester High School and it's history. Also included is the RHS Fight Song and Alma Mater.

Academic Integrity Agreement:
All students at RHS are expected to know and abide by the RHS Academic Integrity Agreement. In it, students are reminded that all of their work should reflect their own efforts and ideas, and work from other sources must be credited accurately. Examples of academic dishonesty are included.

Academic Recognition:
Recognition for academic distinction consists of the three different categories for graduating students that meet all of the achievements outlined below.
  • GPA is calculated based on the end of first semester senior year grades. Exact GPA will be applied.
  • Students must complete and pass all AP courses counted toward recognition.
  • ACT/SAT score is calculated based on the highest score achieved and provided to the registrar by the end of first semester of senior year.

Scholars of Highest Distinction
GPA: 3.9-4.0
AP: 4 or more courses
ACT composite score of 32 or higher
SAT composite of 1430 or higher

Scholars of Distinction
GPA: 3.8-3.899 or higher
AP: 3 or more courses
ACT composite score of 28 or higher
SAT composite of 1310 or higher

Scholars of Achievement
GPA: 3.5-3.799 or higher
AP: 2 or more courses
ACT composite score of 26 or higher
SAT composite of 1240 or higher

Advanced Placement Courses / Class Summer Assignments:
Students taking an advanced placement (AP) course or Anatomy / Physiology for the 2019-20 school year may check below for the required summer assignments.

Anatomy / Physiology – Mrs. Slomka
Assignment:  Reading assignment – download instructions here.

AP Biology – Mrs. Slomka 
Assignment:  Reading assignment – download from Mrs. Slomka’s web page: https://www.rochester.k12.mi.us/rochester-high-school/pages/152385/summer-homework
Required Book:  Biology in Focus. Available for summer checkout at the RHS textbook window - check out before leaving for summer break.

AP Chemistry – Mrs. Rosell
Assignment:  See Mrs. Rosell’s website for information on logging into Moodle as a guest and accessing your summer work. If you would like the enrollment key to be able to permanently enroll in the course, email Mrs. Rosell for instructions.
Required Textbook: Chemistry, The Central Science by Brown, Lemay. Available for summer checkout at the RHS textbook window - check out before leaving for summer break.

AP English Literature – Mr. Gollon
Assignment: Reading assignment – download instructions here.
Required Books:
1. How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster.
2. Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Available for checkout from the RHS textbook window.
3. The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan.
4. Student choice - selected from the list of titles that have appeared on the AP English Literature exam (see instruction download).

AP Environment – Mr. Shurter
Assignment: Math review handouts - download here.

AP Language & Composition – Ms. Frisby, Mr. Kowal
Assignment:  Double-entry journal for each of three summer reading books listed below (10-12 quotes per book). Download instructions here.
Required Books:  Mrs. Frisby has a few copies of each book available for check-out on a first-come, first-served basis:

  1. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. (Available for summer checkout at the RHS textbook window.)
  2. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Solider by Ishmael Beah.
  3. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

AP Physics C – Mr. Campbell
1.  Calculus Preview Packet – download from Mr. Campbell’s web page: https://www.rochester.k12.mi.us/rochester-high-school/pages/133719/ap-start-of-year-files
2.  First 2 assignments on UTexas… due on the last two Sundays leading up to Labor Day.
3.  End of Ch 2 problems from the textbook, University Physics. They are labeled “Exercises.” Do # 3, 8,9,10, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 31, 44, 45, 50, and 51.

Required Book: University Physics. Available for summer checkout at the RHS textbook window - check out before leaving for summer break.

AP Psychology – Mrs. Healy
Assignment: Podcast assignment – download instructions here
Required Book: 40 Studies that Changed Psychology by Roger Hock. Students are required to purchase the book. Does not need to be the newest edition.

AP Research – Mrs. Miesch
Assignment:  Podcast assignments will be sent out throughout the summer via Mrs. Miesch's Remind class text communications. Opt in to receive the assignments by texting the Remind phone number 81010 and entering the class code @APMiesch.

AP Studio Art – Mrs. Huvaere
Assignment:  Project work, sketchbook, and art experience – download instructions here.

AP US History – Mrs. Healy, Mr. Zwolinksi
Assignment:  Reading and written assignments – download instructions here.
Required Book:   United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination, by John J. Newman. 2020 Revised Edition published by Amsco. (A few older editions are available for checkout at the RHS textbook window - check out before leaving for summer break if needed.)

AP World History – Mrs. Thomas
Assignments:  Written responses to video and reading assignments– download instructions here.
Required BookThis Fleeting World by David Christian. Berkshire Publishing Group, ISBN-13: 978-1-933782-04-1. Students are required to purchase the book or Mrs. Thomas has a few copies available for check-out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Annual Education Report:
Download a pdf copy of our
Annual Education Report for 2017-18 or access it online here.
For a snapshot, read the
accompanying Rochester High School Annual Education Report 2017-18 cover letter.

Attendance Boundaries:
Access the RCS Attendance Boundary Maps page for a list of maps by school.

Attendance Policy and Procedures:

For excused absences, parents/guardians are asked to call the 24-hour attendance number, (248) 726-5410, no later than 12:00 noon the school day following the absence. When students are leaving the building for any reason during the school day, they must properly sign out in the Attendance Office to receive an excused absence.

Any absence not covered under the excused or exempted guidelines will be considered unexcused. A student who arrives ten or more minutes after the start of class without an excused pass will receive an unexcused absence for that class. School work cannot be completed for credit for unexcused absences.

For the complete district attendance policy, which includes details on tardies and exempted absences, read the RCS Attendance Policy. This year, changes have been made regarding tardies that affect RHS students (see page 8 of the attendance policy).


In January 2017, Rochester Community Schools announced an attendance incentive program, which continues through the 2018-2019 school year.

Read the attached information sheet to assist in determining whether to keep your child home from school for an illness.

Cafeteria Information:

Breakfasts: Breakfast is available to students from 7:05-7:30 a.m. every school day. Items for sale include daily specials in addition to cereal, pancakes, bagels, muffins, cereal bars, frudels, and other regular items. A full breakfast includes milk or juice, a break, fruit, and protein and costs $1.30.

Lunches: RHS has a three-period lunch schedule. Seniors are the only students allowed to leave the school campus during lunch. All seniors leaving campus must have a current school picture ID.
Our cafeteria serves a variety of lunch options. Choices include a hot lunch daily specials, made-to-order subs, salads, hot sandwich specials, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and daily pizza spcials. There is also a large selection of a la carte items that include snacks, side dishes, and desserts. A full lunch includes an entree, two side dishes, and choice of milk or juice for $3.05.

Online Prepay: Online prepay for school meals is available at www.mySchoolBucks.com. With this system, you may deposit money into your child's account for meals at anytime, view your child's purchase history for the past 90 days, receive low balance email notifications, and schedule recurring payments. For questions, go to the RCS Food Services page.

Free and Reduced Meal Pricing: RHS offers free or reduced meal pricing for those students eligible. Download complete information here.

Code of Conduct:
Students are responsible for knowing the district guidelines contained within the RCS Code of Conduct and our RCS Respect Code. Those students who ride a bus to or from school should also be familiar with the School Bus Code of Conduct.
Students participating in sports programs are asked to read the Athletic Code of Conduct.

Concussion Information for Athletes and Their Parents: 
To be in compliance with the new Michigan Sports Concussion Awareness Laws, all RHS student athletes are required to complete and return a signed copy of the
Concussion Information Sheet before your child participates in any athletic activity. No student can participate in any scheduled athletic activity including (but not limited to) sports and physical education classes unless this form is signed and returned. Students can return it to their coach on the first day of practice or to the school office.

A concussion is a brain injury caused by a blow, bump, or jolt to the head that can have serious consequences and can occur in any sport or recreational activity. Michigan's laws require an awareness of potential concussion-causing injuries, for coaches to regulate an athlete's return to their activity, and for coaches and other adults involved with youth athletics to complete a concussion awareness online training program. Read more about the laws on the state's Michigan Sports Concussion Law page.

Coursework Planning and Course Descriptions:
Students are encouraged to use this Four Year Course Selection Planning Form to assist them in their selection of courses throughout their high school years. Students may also find it helpful to view the high school course descriptions by subject area or to access individual teacher pages for information on courses that each teacher instructs.  For an overview of courses needed for graduation and the order in which subject-area courses are taken, view a copy of the Rochester Community Schools Instructional Pathways booklet.

ESL Community Liaison:
Rochester Community Schools has an ESL community liaison program available to parents of all preschool and K-12 students. Sandra Hernandez Rendon, as community liaison, is available to give assistance with parent/teacher conferences, community resources, student school materials, and school issues or concerns. In the ESL Parent Liaison Center, parents also can attend free enrichment classes scheduled to match the school year calendar. The ESL Parent Liaison Center is located at Hampton Elementary School, open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

For questions, please call (248)726-3733.
Visit the ESL Parent Liaison Center web page for general information and the ESL calendar of classes.

English Language Learner Descriptions and Supports:
Download a description of our district policies for determining English learners levels and the ESL support provided.

Fees for Extracurriculars and Activities:
This list of student extracurricular and activity fees provides pricing for sports participation, school lunches, parking passes, clubs, high school drama performances, and attendance at athletic games.

Flyers Delivered Electronically via Email: 
Electronically-Delivered School Flyers from PeachJar 
Peachjar eflyers

RCS distributes school flyers electronically via parent email through our eflyer serivce provider, Peachjar. Parents can also access all flyers online by clicking on the Peachjar button above. All RCS district parents are sent a welcome email from Peachjar that includes a username and password for managing your account and delivery preferences. Your email address is not shared or used for any other purpose.
To ensure you receive these eflyer emails, add Peachjar to your email contacts when you receive the welcome email, and please click “always display images." For school-related information, activities, and events, parents will continue to receive emails through the RCS School Messenger program.

Health and Accident Insurance for Students:
Rochester Community Schools does not provide any type of insurance for injuries incurred by your child while at school. However, as a service to students and their families, the school district makes available a student accident insurance plan for your child at a very nominal cost through 1st Agency of Kalamazoo. Please note this insurance covers your child in the event of an accident or injury and is NOT traditional health insurance for doctor's visits, immunizations, physical exams, etc., that are not related to the injury.

For complete plan details and to enroll your child in the accident plan, go to 1st Agency's web page.

Homework Requests:
Click the button below to request homework if your child is missing school from an approved absence or is receiving intervention assistance.
48 hours notice is required please.

Lost & Found:

The Lost & Found is located in the Lower Collab area next to the textbook room windows (lower level adjacent to the Mall and just inside the Livernois entrance). Students looking for lost items or turning in items found can stop by before school or during the school day. All items that have not been claimed by the end of each semester are donated to local charities.

Medical Action Plan:
RCS requests that parents/guardians complete a Medical Action Plan for their child with any health issues that may require attention during the school day. For students needing medications, a seperate permission slip is required.
Please access the district's Medical Action Plan page for further details and form downloads. Completed forms can be turned in at the RHS attendance office.

Notice of Nondiscrimination:
Rochester Community Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, creed or ancestry, age, sex, marital status, height, weight, familial status, arrest record or physical and mental disabilities in accordance with the Elliot-Larson Civil Rights Act (ELCRA) MCL 37.2206, Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act (PWCRA), MCL 37.1206, Title II, Title VI, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendment Act of 1972, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (8U.S.C., Section 1324A Et.Seq.) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In addition, individuals will not be excluded from, or be denied, the benefits of participation in any program or activity for which the Board is responsible.

Rochester Community Schools has designated the following individuals as Compliance Coordinators:
Title IX, Title II and Section 504 – Students: Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, 501 W. University, Rochester, MI 48307 (248)726-3106;
Equal Employment Opportunity/Section 504 for non-students: Executive Director of Human Resources, 501 W. University, Rochester, MI 48307 (248)726-3110.

Parking Passes:
Parking passes are available for purchase during registration in August or in the Main Office during the school year. Download a parking pass form here.

Respect Code:
Rochester Community Schools will provide a district climate that prohibits acts of harassment or bullying and eliminates prejudice and discrimination. All Rochester Community School District members have the right to be safe, valued, and respected.
  SAFE - All individuals are entitled to a physically, emotionally and intellectually safe learning and work environment.
  VALUED - All individuals are entitled to be valued. Various customs, lifestyles, and backgrounds contribute to an enriched learning environment.
  RESPECTED - All individuals are entitled to be treated equitably. Education increases awareness and understanding and promotes human dignity.

Download a copy of the Rochester Community Schools'  Respect Code here.

School Improvement Plan:
Download a copy of the Rochester High School 2018-19 School Improvement Plan.

School Profile:
Download a copy of the Rochester High School 2018 School Profile.


Student Drop-Off Location:
When driving students to school, please enter through the Walton Blvd. driveway and drop them off at the front of the building.


Student ID's:
All student are issued an ID card at registration for each new school year. Students must carry their ID on their person at all times in school and are required to show it to any staff member upon request. Student ID's are also used for textbook checkout, attendance at school dances, and admission to athletic events. If an ID is lost, replacements are available for $5.00 and are reprinted in the Counseling Office. For students who have purchased an A-Pass with their ID (All-Events Athletic Pass) for $60.00 at registration, there is an additional $25.00 fee to replace an A-Pass ID.

Technology Policy for Acceptable Use:
Download a copy of the Rochester Community Schools' policy on Acceptable Use for Technology.

Transcript Requests:
Make an online request to have a copy of your transcript through Parchment Secure Transcript by clicking on the button below: Request your Transcript from Parchment - Leader in eTranscript Exchange

Click on "Sign Up" to create a free account and have a credit card ready for payment. For details and additional help, see information on the Counseling Office web page.

Visitor Information:
In an ongoing effort to keep our students safe, visitor registration is required and all visitors must show photo ID. All visitors must enter through the main doors off the Walton Blvd. circle driveway entrance and sign-in upon entry with the RHS security staff. All other exterior doors are locked from entry.

Volunteer Information:
For all parents and adults volunteering at RHS, please download and submit the required ICHAT Authorization form for background checks: the Michigan State Police Internet Criminal History Access Tool. Completing this form each year is required. For more information, download the district's Guidelines for the ICHAT Authorization of Volunteers for volunteering with classroom assistance, theater and music dept. assistance, working with student clubs, chaperoning field trips, etc.