Potsdam Square, Berlin, Germany

All classes in room 119

7:25 - 7:35 Homeroom

7:40-8:38 First Hour German 1

8:43-9:41 Second Hour German 1

9:46-10:44 Third Hour German 1

10:49 - 12:18 Language Arts 7

12:23-1:20 Fifth Hour planning and curriculum

1:25-2:22 Sixth Hour Language Arts 7


Why did I become a teacher....?

I spent a year as an exchange student in Germany when I was 16. After living and going to school for a year there, I became fluent in German. The experience was so positive that what started as me telling everyone about Germany became me teaching about Germany and the German language.

Two questions I am constantly asking myself and my students are:
How can I use language to express myself in German and English?
How can I become better at speaking, listening, reading and writing in German and English?

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