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Welcome to Mr. Frisbie's web page for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you need to contact me during the school day I can be reached at 248-726-4700 ext. 4727.  If you have a concern that does not require immediate attention I can be contacted by email mfrisbie@rochester.k12.mi.us

Goals for 2018-2019:

The ultimate goal of physical education is to inspire students to become more active.  Throughout the year, students will develop a greater knowledge of fitness, motor skills, and personal/social behaviors by participating in a variety of activities and games. Also, the students will gain an understanding of the beneficial and detrimental effects of physical activity, as well as the value of an active lifestyle. One of my goals this year is to make sure that students improve their level of fitness and are aware of the areas he/she needs to improve.  For students to become more active into adulthood, initial experience with physical activity must be enjoyable and positive.  I am looking forward to a fantastice year!


The clothing does not have to be any particular style or color.  The only requirement is that the clothing should be within the guidelines of the school dress policy.  Please do not write names on the clothing!  It would be helpful if several different shirts and shorts were used as gym clothing, so that those items can be taken home periodically for washing.  Having an extra pair of athletic sox is advisable if a student has an early gym class, as the grass may be wet.  The following is a list of acceptable items:

T-shirt, Sweat-shirt, Athletic Shorts, Sweatpants.

Course Curriculum:
1.) Fitnessgram Fitness Test
2.) Strength Training
3.) Aerobic Fitness
4.) Kickball
5.) Basketball
6.) Tennis

7.)  Soccer

8.)  Football

9.)  Baseball

10.)  Volleyball

11.)  Non-Tradtional Games













6th & 7th Grade:  Students will receive an “S” or a “U”


(satisfactory or unsatisfactory) for each of the four marking periods.

8th Grade:  Students will receive a letter grade for each of the four marking periods.


The grades will be determined as follows:

40%- Demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity settings.

20%- Knowledge

20%- Motor Skills

20%- Personal Fitness

Doctor’s Note / Exclusion from Class


A note from a parent can excuse a student’s participation from class.  If a student has not participated for one week, a doctor’s note will be required to excuse him/her from class.

I am looking forward to a great year!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I can be reached at (248) 726-4700 ext. 4727 or mfrisbie@rochester.k12.mi.us


Martin Frisbie

Physical Education Teacher