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Let me introduce myself…


My name is Sheryle DeHondt and I am honored to be part of your child’s educational journey and I take that responsibility very seriously.  My undergraduate studies from Michigan State University and my undergraduate degree from Western Michigan University in Elementary Education allowed me to become a certified general education teacher with dual major - art and science.  Overtime, I have kept current in the science field by meeting the requirements for an additional endorsement in science added to my teaching certificate.  It has also been my goal to stay current in literacy, special education and the many changes within public education.  I am a lifelong learner and hold a Master’s in Education in Reading and an Educational Specialist degree in Administration both from Oakland University.  I have current course work and classroom application with teaching students along the ASD spectrum - Autistic Spectrum Disorder  As our world is changing and students must be prepared for these changes, I have devoted much of my time to making sure ALL students receive the best education during their time in my art or science classroom.


I offer a program that follows the curriculum of the Rochester Community Schools, but with the guidance and understanding of how children learn.  My classroom is inclusive which enables me to see students with unique learning styles.  Just like the scientific method - I listen. I observe. I hypothesize. I do trial and error, and with conclusion find a learning path for each individual student.



Sheryle DeHondt


Home room 7:25 to 7:35

1st hour      Art 8th Grade 7:40- 8:38

2nd hour     Art 7th Grade  8:43 - 9:41

3rd hour      STEM 6 9:46 - 10:44

4th hour      Planning Hour 10:49 to 11:47 (lunch) 11:48 - 12:18

5th hour      6th Grade Art 12:23 - 1:20

6th hour      6th Grade Art 1:25 - 2:22

I have 4th hour conference period ( 7:40 - 8:38),and I can be reached via email or by phone 248-726-4700. (please be patient if I miss a voicemail...I'm MUCH better with email).  My phone extension is 6137.