Welcome to Reuther Middle School!

The Cognitively Impaired classroom at Reuther Middle School offers differentiated instruction that meets the academic needs of each student.  Student schedules vary based on student strengths and needs.  In the basic classroom students may receive instruction in the areas of math, language arts, and/or science and social studies.

The basic classroom uses curriculum that are designed for students with significant learning disabilities and align with the Michigan Core Curriculum.

Students are supported academically and emotionally by a classroom staff of teachers and paraprofessionals, as well as ancillary staff that includes Speech and Language, School Social Work, Teacher Consultant, and School Psychologist.


It's A Great Day To Be A Crusader!

1st hour     Emergent Math
2nd hour    Emergent Language Arts
3rd hour     Adaptive PE
4th hour     Science/Social Studies
5th hour     Electives
6th hour     Literacy