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Imagine a child's education like being a three-legged stool. Each leg of the stool represents the student, the parents/guardians, and the teacher. Without one of the legs, the stool cannot stand up and it falls. To keep the stool standing, we need all three legs working together just like raising a child to be successful, independent, confident, and motivated in life.

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Why I Became a Teacher

Educators hold the key to a child’s future. I knew I always wanted to be a teacher and wanted to help others, showing them the path toward success. As a child and teenager, I struggled to be someone: academically, socially and athletically. If it weren’t for my many cherished teachers and my own parents, I would have failed. I would not know which door could be unlocked with my unique key. Now that I am that type of teacher, I absolutely LOVE my profession; it’s what drives me to wake up each morning. Even though tiring, I value the countless papers and tests that I grade each night and creating innovative lessons after I work with students at school; it’s so rewarding to see a student “get it.” All children have gifts to unwrap. It’s wonderful to teach a child who never understood something easily and the light bulb went on when I explained something to them; or when I was there when a student was crying and took the time to help them with their struggle; or attending a student’s basketball game or choir recital and see them light up with joy because I was there supporting their love. It really is the most rewarding profession to see those smiles on my students and to see them grow cognitively and emotionally. I am an academic coach, an at-school mother and father, a role model, an artist, a behavioral coach, an etiquette instructor, a hall monitor, a before/after school tutor, an accountant, a saleswoman, a logistics technician, a nurse, mediator, a judge, a police officer, an audio visual expert, a mind reader, a housekeeper, a manipulator enticing students to do sometimes difficult work… I am a teacher. Teaching is not a profession; it is a passion!