The following websites are suggested by the U.S. Department of Education:

 Scholastic Student Activities

Celebrate Constitution Day:
Read the Constitution in its original form and in a transcript. View Webcasts of Senator Byrd's remarks and discussions on federalism and checks and balances.


The Constitution of the United States:
View high resolution scans of the original, signed Constitution. Obtain a transcript. Read an essay about the Constitutional Convention. Learn dozens of fascinating facts about the Constitution. Learn about each of the signers of the Constitution.


Observing Constitution Day: The Signers of the Constitution:
Find out about the delegates who signed the Constitution on September 17, 1787.


Observing Constitution Day: The Constitution Game:
Explore, in this simulation, how the members of the Constitutional Convention might have felt as they gathered in Philadelphia's Independence Hall and began the task of writing the Constitution.


Teaching With Documents: The Ratification of the Constitution:
Uncover the issues involved in the creation and ratification of the Constitution and the new government it established.