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PowerPath is a system that helps students:

  • Gain an insight into their own learning.
  • Learn specific strategies for learning and work.
  • Learn how to become their own personal advocate.
  • Identify and clarify strengths and challenges.
  • Learn adaptations for learning.
  • Set goals and follow through.
  • Develop support systems with other students and instructors for success.

 Rochester Alternative and Adult Center for Education (RACE) has a Success Class for students. Normally all adult students are pre and post-tested for math and English. All Success Class students are additionally screened for hearing, vision, reading, attention challenges, and visual stress issues. Students learn about each other and develop support systems with other students and instructors for success. Students gain an insight into their own learning and choose specific strategies and adaptations for learning and work. Students clarify personal strengths and challenges as they develop and adjust individual plans for achieving their daily, weekly, short-term, and long-term goals. The six-hour research-based course curriculum also includes information about how the brain works for learning, keys to motivation and sustainability, and planning for post-secondary training and college.