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Regular school attendance is imperative for pupil achievement. Students are expected to be in attendance each day school is in session except for personal illness, religious observance or emergencies in the family.

It is the parents’ responsibility to notify the school if the student is absent for these reasons. Excessive absences without a reasonable excuse may constitute truancy. Repeated absences jeopardize the pupil’s continued progress in school. For your convenience, the Attendance phone number is listed under each building's Key Information.


When a student is absent for one of the reasons mentioned above, the student will be given written assignments to be made up. These assignments will receive full credit if completed within a reasonable length of time.

When an absence is due to other reasons, such as family vacations which do not coincide with the scheduled school calendar, students will be informed of assignments covered. The assignments missed will not count toward a grade. The grade will only reflect completed assignments in the unit. Any test associated with the assignment will have to be taken within a reasonable time limit (one day for each day absent), and that test score will count toward a grade. 

Many of the classroom activities are hands-on, participatory ones that are impossible for an absent student to make up at a later time.  Teachers may decide to give alternate assignments when students are absent, if appropriate.


The school district recognizes the importance of work assigned to pupils for completion outside the classroom as an extension of the instructional program. Assigned homework is given to reinforce skills taught in the classroom and practice research skills. As an educational tool, homework is reviewed by teachers and discussed with students in a timely manner to ensure feedback to their responses.


Changing styles in dress and grooming make it difficult to provide strict guidance from the school on these subjects. However, it is felt that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a good learning atmosphere. While the school district does not set rigid standards for acceptable dress and grooming, families should develop acceptable dress standards that reflect appropriateness for the occasion and are not a disturbing or distracting influence to the educational process.


Parents may review their child’s records. Please call the school office for an appointment to review student records.

At no time will students’ records be released to unauthorized personnel without parental approval. Should you move to another school district, the new school will need to forward a written request for school records. Official school records cannot be released to parents to "hand carry" to the new school.