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At Rochester Community Schools, we believe that family, school, business, and community partnerships are integral for student success.
For the child, research studies consistently indicate that parents are the biggest influence in their child's life and that parental involvement increases both a student's educational achievement and self-esteem. If school is important to the parent, it will be important to the child.

For the teacher, parents can provide input to help the teacher better understand the needs of their child so the teacher can provide the best instruction to fit the student's needs.

For the Parent(s), developing a relationship with the teacher can also increase the comfort level when contacting each other throughout the year. In addition, studies have shown that parents who are actively involved with their children's education also become more involved in community activities, which benefits the community as a whole.

What are some of the ways that parents can get involved?
  • Attend school functions, such as open houses, curriculum nights, school performances, and athletic events.
  • Participate in parent conferences.
  • Read the classroom and school newsletter regularly and respond when appropriate.
  • Join the PTA/PTSA, even if you can't always attend the meetings.
  • Volunteer to help in the classroom, office, or library, or help with school projects at home.
  • Communicate questions and concerns, or provide positive feedback as needed.
  • Help your student with their homework or monitor the homework each day.
  • Reinforce classroom learning whenever possible by talking about current events or perhaps using math in cooking or shopping.
  • Ask your student about their day.