Elementary Art Statement of Purpose

The kindergarten through fifth grade art curriculum revolves around six main units of study that spiral through the elementary grades.  Students explore, examine, experiment and create artwork based on the elements of form, line, shape, space, texture, and value.   Students are also exposed to the Principles of Design as they apply to each unit, incorporating balance, movement, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, pattern, and unity. Multiculturalism through art and art history are integral parts of each lesson as presented. The art curriculum also enhances students' self-esteem and provides them with a creative outlet to express themselves.  Art technology develops creative problem-solving skills that prepare our students for a future society.

Art Standards

  • Performing: All students will apply skills and knowledge to perform in the arts.
  • Creating: All students will apply skills and knowledge to create in the arts.
  • Analyzing in Context: All students will analyze, describe and evaluate works of art.
  • Arts in Context: All students will understand, analyze and describe the arts in their historical, social and cultural contexts.
  • Connecting to other Arts, other Disciplines and Life: All students will recognize, analyze and describe connections among the arts; between the arts and other disciplines; between the arts and everyday life.