Rochester Community Schools Food Service Department has a variety of menu items to offer.  We can assist you in any catering requests you may have.  Our variety of services range from coffee breaks, to a full luncheon or dinner.  Room arrangements should be made through the facility scheduler for RCS. Reservations requests can be made on line by clicking Schedule RCS Facilities on the main menu.

Our catering policies are as follows:

·        Catering arrangements should be made at least two weeks in advance. The number of guests to be served must be confirmed no later than two days prior to the event. 

·        An increase in the guaranteed attendance will be accepted up to 24 hours prior to the event.  (We will be prepared to serve 10% over your count.)

·        You will be charged for your guaranteed number or any number that is greater.

·        Events scheduled after school and on non-school days will require an additional charge.

·        Please note that a service attendant throughout the meal is not included in the charges listed.  If service and/or cleanup is necessary, additional costs will be applied to your bill.

·        If serving utensils used during the catering event are not returned at pick-up, a charge of items missing will be applied to the bill.

·        The quality of food will be at its best when served at the scheduled time of your event. If you plan any delay, please contact us. Due to scheduling costs, any event starting after the pre-planned time may require an additional charge. Events scheduled after our normal work hours and on non-school days may require an additional charge.

·        Each catered event will be served with paper tablecloths and napkins on the table. Special colored cloths and napkins, centerpieces and decorations can be provided upon request.

·        There will be a $25 charge for deliveries to buildings other than the building the food is prepared in.  If clean-up is required, additional fees may be charged.

Personnel Rates:  (Minimum 2 Hours)

·        $35/Hour Mon – Sat

·        $47/Hour Sunday

·        $70/Hour Holidays