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Rochester High School Teacher Ray Lawson
Quality Improvement Fund Uses

In order for students to attain the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful contributing citizens they need a quality education.  One means of ensuring that students receive a quality education is to have highly qualified and skilled employees.   Rochester Community Schools continually works to provide a variety of ways for each employee to improve upon existing skills.

Every employee in the school district plays a direct or indirect role in helping children learn.  It is an immense challenge to provide all employees with the on-going staff development opportunities needed to stay competitive in our changing world.

The Ray Lawson Quality Improvement Fund will provide funds for focused staff development opportunities.  This fund will assist the school district in continuing to work toward its mission of providing a quality education to students.

This fund will be used to:

  • Provide new employee orientation
  • Enhance employee skills and knowledge in their jobs
  • Have adults model being lifelong learners
  • Improve the school district in working systemically
  • Improve the quality of learning in Rochester Community Schools