Gluten Information

Special Made without Gluten Menu


Dear Parent,


We have menu items that we can provide that are made "without gluten" to accommodate those children who require a gluten free-diet.  The price will be the same as regular student lunches.   If you happen to qualify for Free or Reduced Price Meals, the cost to you (if any) will remain the same.



The menu is limited to reduce the possibility of storage cross-contamination, and to ensure that we will always be able to provide fresh products at reasonable price.  All products provided will be products listed as gluten-free by our suppliers, or known to be gluten-free.



At this time, the gluten-free menu is only available to those children whose parents provide:


A)  A medical statement from a licensed physician noting that the child must have a gluten-free diet, or


B)  Notify your school Kitchen Manager if you have a Medical Management Plan on file with the school district indicating that a gluten-free diet is required.

Once the above information is received, please contact Tracy Hizer to discuss the menu options.


Please call Tracy Hizer, Director of Dining Services if you have either item “A” or “B” listed above at  to begin this communication. (248) 726-3150.


Questions or concerns may be addressed by contacting:


Tracy Hizer

 Food Service Director

Chartwells Dining Services

Phone: (248) 726-3150