RCS Green Initiatives

Rochester Community Schools Goes Green!
In fact, Rochester Community Schools has been going “green” for quite some time!
  • Since 1987 the District has installed energy efficient heat pumps as “the standard” in heating and cooling systems. Hart Middle School was one of the first school buildings in the state to install this type of system. Since that start, and with the community’s support, the District is now almost all heated and cooled by this type of system. This has reduced the District’s carbon emissions while keeping costs in line.
  • In 1994-96, the District formulated and adopted an Environmental Health and Safety Plan. This plan includes environmentally friendly initiatives including specifying low VOC emitting products like carpet and paint, checking for radon and measuring electro-magnetic fields.
  • The District has approved many energy reduction projects and has regulations dealing with energy reduction costs. Some of these efforts include: Installing energy efficient fluorescent lights, room occupancy sensors, room setback thermostats, and carbon dioxide monitoring. Rochester Community Schools has been recognized as an Energy Star District.
  • Rochester Schools has had a paper recycling program for a number of years which involves students and staff.
  • The custodial department has been increasing its use of more environmentally “friendly” products over the past few years
  • When doing capital improvements, the District looks at life cycle costs, what impact the choice has on the students, how it impacts our energy costs, and whether or not the product is environmentally sound.
The following are some additional “green” initiatives that the District is exploring:
  • A district wide plastic recycling program
  • Construction of buildings aligned with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System, a nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings
  • Continued pursuit of environmentally friendly products