Breakfast Program

If you're tired of rushing out the door in the morning and wondering if your child grabbed something for breakfast before you left, worry no more!  You cannot beat the price and convenience of the breakfast program already in place at your child's school, so why not let us feed your child starting today?

Students can simply go to their school cafeteria starting tomorrow morning and get a great breakfast.  It's that simple!

Each of our school kitchens offer many great grab-and-go style meals for breakfast.  Now all you have to do is get your student to the bus stop or school on time and we'll take care of feeding them right!  The cost for your child to have breakfast at school is $1.30 with many  à la carte items available at various prices.

If your child qualifies for free or reduced price meals, they are also automatically qualified to receive breakfast.  Students can rest assured that no one will know of their status since they use the exact same procedure as those who pre-pay for meals.

Who can receive school breakfast?

Anyone may purchase breakfast for only $1.30.  Students who qualify for free or reduced price lunches are automatically qualified to receive a free or reduced price breakfast.  Reduced price breakfasts are sold for only .30 cents.

When will students eat breakfast?

All students wishing to have breakfast will go immediately to the cafeteria upon arrival at school then proceed to the classroom to eat. Depending on the building, breakfast may be consumed as breakfast, or later as the morning snack.   You may contact your building principal or classroom teacher for your child's meal times.

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