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To contact the board by e-mail, please complete all fields in the form below.

Correspondence may also be sent to the Board of Education by mail at the following address: Community Relations Department, Rochester Community Schools, 501 W. University, Rochester, MI 48307, 248.726.3127, or by FAX at 248.726.3192.

Note that all correspondence with the Board of Education is a matter of public record and therefore requires your full name and mailing address. Communications which do not include this information will not included as part of the public record. Phone number and email address is not required but helpful should we need to contact you.

Your street address and phone number will be removed from your correspondence before it is published in the Board packet or the Board Correspondence folder. In an effort to keep communications open between the Board of Education and the Administration, the Superintendent and the Director of Community Relations will be copied on email sent to Board members . The Board President will respond to those emails.

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