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The diverse educational and professional backgrounds of the members of the Board of Education provide a solid foundation to ensure our school district remains fiscally responsible, operationally effective, and publically accountable so our students can be afforded a world-class education. Individual biographies can be accessed by clicking on the Board of Education member's name.


Barb Anness
Barb Anness Kevin Beers
Kristin Bull
Michelle Bueltel Kristin Bull
Sandy Fiaschetti Walker-Leidy (4)
Sandy Fiaschetti, Ph.D. Andrea Walker-Leidy
Mike Zabat


Board Positions and Terms of Service

President  Sandy Fiaschetti, Ph.D. (2022)
Vice President      Kristin Bull (2020)
Treasurer Mike Zabat (2020)
Secretary Michelle Bueltel (2018)
Trustee Andrea Walker-Leidy (2018)
Trustee Kevin Beers (2022)
Trustee Barb Anness (2018)