Hours - Monday through Thursday 8:00-4:00 - The Enrollment Office is open during the Summer!

Enrollment for all buildings and grade levels takes place at the office of Student Enrollment.  The Enrollment office is located in the Rochester Administration Center, 501 West University Dr, Rochester MI.


  • STUDENT'S ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE - as required by State Law. If not in English, provide a certified translation.

  • PROOF OF RESIDENCY - Only the documents listed below will be accepted as proof of residency. ROCHESTER COMMUNITY SCHOOLS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO VERIFY RESIDENCY DOCUMENTATION PROVIDED AT THE TIME OF ENROLLMENT.  ENROLLMENT MAY BE DELAYED DURING VERIFICATIOM PROCESS. If there is a reason you can't provide proof of residency, due to a temporary living situation or lack of housing, please contact the Enrollment Department directly at 248.726.3018 or 3017.
  • ESTABLISHED RESIDENT - Own a home: Most current property tax statement and current utility bill.   Lease/Rent:  Rental agreement, and current utility bill (names of all residents must be on lease/rental agreement)
    • NEW RESIDENT - Closing papers (if closing occurred within six months) AND verification of utility activation or, Purchase agreement, or new lease/rental agreement AND verification of utility activation.
    • RESIDING WITH A RESIDENT WHO OWNS THEIR HOME- If you are residing with a resident who owns their own home, you must provide the resident's current property tax statement, and a current utility bill. In addition, you and the resident must complete the Shared Household Affidavit form, and have it signed by a notary. This form is ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE OFFICE OF STUDENT ENROLLMENT
    • RESIDING WITH A RESIDENT WHO RENTS/LEASES - If you are residing with a resident who rents or leases, you must provide their current lease/rental agreement, and current utility bill.  YOU AND YOUR CHILD'S NAME MUST BE ON THE LEASE AGREEMENT.  In addition, you and the resident must complete a Shared Household Affidavit form, and have it signed by a notary.  THIS FORM IS ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE OFFICE OF STUDENT ENROLLMENT.
    • GUARDIANSHIP - Only a parent or legal guardian may enroll a child.  Legal guardianship documentation, OBTAINED FROM THE CIRCUIT COURT, is required at the time of enrollment.  If a child is residing with a grandparent, the grandparent must provide the parent's birth certificate to prove that they are in fact the child's grandparent.
  • CURRENT IMMUNIZATION RECORDS-  CLICK BELOW FOR A LIST OF REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS.  Michigan law requires all children to have ALL required immunizaitons or a valid waiver from the Health Department on file PRIOR TO STARTING SCHOOL.
  • http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/hcp/child-adolescent.html
  • VISION SCREENING (kindergarten only)
  • If child is receiving special education services, please provide the student's current Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.)
  • Secondary students should bring an unofficial transcript of their grades to their counseling appointment.  Elementary students should bring a copy of their last report card.
  • If there are special custody restrictions, providing those documents at the time of enrollment will help us ensure your child's safety

    Questions regarding student enrollment may be addressed to the Student Enrollment Office, 248-726-3000.