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"20 Years of Facility Progress"

Welcome to the Rochester Community Schools Operations web site. The department consists of a variety of operations essential to maintaining the safe, efficient and high quality service necessary for its customers. The department encompasses grounds, maintenance, custodial, transportation, energy conservation, environmental compliance and warehousing. The department also manages the bond construction programs and all other internal capital projects. Included in this is the oversight of all areas within the District's Environmental Health and Safety Policy. Through these efforts, the department strives to maintain the safe and healthy learning environment afforded to all facility users.


Presently the District encompasses 66 square miles of property within the school boundaries. The District owns 523 acres, which contain thirteen elementary schools, four middle schools, four high schools, an historic elementary building, an adult educational center, one administration center, a transportation center and recently a new operations center. Taken together, there is approximately 2,523,812 square feet of building space used to house over 14,800 students.


In addition to providing the housing needs for the instruction of the students, the facilities are also used by a number of community groups. This includes community education, the community at large and other associated groups. The facilities are open from 6:30 am until 11:00 pm for these purposes. Successful bond issues in 1997, 2000 and 2004, as well as in the early 1990's provided the District the ability to upgrade, expand and update many of the buildings' systems where they utilize the most recent instructional designs and latest energy efficient products.


As evidence of the high standards the department follows, in 2002 the District was awarded the Michigan School Business Official's Meridian award which noted the extra effort the District undertakes to protect the safety of the facilities users. Since that time many other districts have used this as their standard to follow. In 2009, 23 of the District's buildings were given the EPA's prestigeous Energy Star Award and again in 2012.


If you wish to rent one of the District's many facilities, or simply contact one of the department managers, please click on one of the links below. If you wish to visit directly, most of the department is housed in the new Facility Operations Center located at 1402 W. Hamlin Rd. If you need help with a transportation issue, please call the Durham number or visit them at 380 S. Livernois Rd.


Pete Muscio, Director of Capital Projects & Facilities (248) 726-3150
Gary Dennis, Contract Manager (248) 726-3124
Jason Steinbrink, Facilities Maintenance Manager (248) 726-4616
Dan Jaffe, Auditorium Facilitator (248) 726-5360

Transportation Services Provided by Durham School Services. Phone # 248-726-5925

Cindy Peychich, Manager                                                        248-726-5929

Cindy McComb, Route/Site Supervisor                                   248-756-5931

Gordon Montross, Safety Trainer                                            248-726-5933

Custodial Services Performed by GCA Services Group. for all buildings North of Tienken and Brooklands Elementary.

Deana Davis, GCA Manager, Office: 248-726-4650, Cell: 248-404-0673

Custodial Services Performed by Hi-Tec for all buildings South of Tienken not including Brooklands Elementary.

Ken Kintner, Hi-Tec Manager, Office: 248-726-4619, Cell: 248-606-8454