Tang Laoshi's Fun Chinese

       Welcome to Tang Laoshi's Chinese Class!

Welcome to Tang Laoshi's Chinese Class!

Let's Learn Chinese Language Through Chinese Culture TOGETHER!!

你好 Ni Hao everyone, 

I am 汤老师 Tang Laoshi. I am your teacher for this school year at Hugger, University Hills, Long Meadow and Hampton. I am teaching lower elementary classes (Grade 1-3). I am very excited to have this wonderful journey start with our children. 

This year we are going to learn things about Chinese

- language

- culture & history

- traditional fun activities

- handicrafts & projects

Tang Laoshi’s Chinese Class Schedule (Grade 1st - 3rd):

星期一 Monday – Hugger

星期二 Tuesday – University Hills

星期三 Wednesday – Long Meadow

星期四 Thursday – Hampton (Grade 1-2)

星期五 Friday – Hugger (morning)

                         Long Meadow (afternoon)


Please feel free to contact me at [ZTang@rochester.k12.mi.us] if you have any question, suggestion or concern. Let’s work together as a team to help our children at school and at home.

Please check the Chinese classroom page regularly to see what we learn weekly and what you can do at home to help your child practice and review.

Others way to get here:

 District website > Schools > Select Your School > School Menu > Classroom Pages > Chinese


District website > District Info > Curriculum and Instruction > Chinese Instruction Page

Give your students more than they expect, and you will get back more than you ever expected.